Santa’s Sleigh

Ever wondered how Santa can deliver presents around the world in one night? Us too. More importantly, have you ever wondered how often Santa’s sleigh adheres to ASTM safety regulations? US TOO. From [...]

Walkthrough Attractions & Quest

When we think attraction safety, typically we think of thrill rides with physical twists and turns and the different restraint types needed to secure guests. While those are very important and we have covered [...]


Do you remember the cartoon program The Jetson’s© where everything in the show was placed in an unreachable future of robots, automation, and flying cars? [...]

Motion Simulators

We know what you’re thinking... how could they possibly find more topics to discuss on safety!? Well, strap in because we haven’t even scratched the surface of the different safety considerations and mechanisms for amusement park attractions.  [...]

VR Safety Overview

When we think of safety in amusement park attractions, we typically think of roller coasters and intense thrill rides with large restraints and safety features, but rarely do we think about Virtual Reality (VR). [...]

Debunking Safety Myths

Now that we are all well-versed when it comes to restraints (and if you’re not, head to our last blog post Buckle Up), let’s move [...]

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