Escapism in Demand

13th August 2020 - Two of the most popular rides at Lionsgate Entertainment World are Midnight Ride and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape. Both provide an opportunity [...]

CAVU Designwerks: Self-Driving Vehicle

11th June 2020 - CAVU Designwerks rolls out the SDV: an intelligent, trackless ride vehicle ABOVE: CAVU Designwerks’ Self Driving Vehicle The future of attractions relies on the ideal [...]

Breaking the Mold

1st May 2020 - As we trailed the Lion Dancers christening the launch of the Novotown shopping center in Zhuhai, China, Lionsgate’s Jenefer Brown turns to me and exclaims, [...]



Do you remember the cartoon program The Jetson’s© where everything in the show was placed in an unreachable future of robots, automation, and flying cars? [...]

Motion Simulators

We know what you’re thinking... how could they possibly find more topics to discuss on safety!? Well, strap in because we haven’t even scratched the surface of the different safety considerations and mechanisms for amusement park attractions.  [...]

VR Safety Overview

When we think of safety in amusement park attractions, we typically think of roller coasters and intense thrill rides with large restraints and safety features, but rarely do we think about Virtual Reality (VR). [...]

Debunking Safety Myths

Now that we are all well-versed when it comes to restraints (and if you’re not, head to our last blog post Buckle Up), let’s move [...]

Buckle Up!

Strap in folks because we are about to take a wild ride into the different types and uses of restraints for amusement park attractions.  To the public, restraints may be the [...]


This post is dedicated to one of the most influential and important safety organizations in the world: the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). Specifically, we will focus [...]

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