It’s Everywhere

20th October 2022 - The changing nature of media-based attractions edited by Judith Rubin and Joe Kleiman Media-based attractions have broken free of theater settings and can now be [...]

CAVU Designwerks launches internship programme

27th July 2022 - Words:  Adam Whittaker CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, has begun its search for student candidates wishing to undertake the firm’s new Experience Engineering Internship. The company [...]

New Levels of Engagement

13th April, 2022 - interviews by Joe Kleiman Interactivity and gamification are ever more integral to visitor attractions. At the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney [...]



We have covered a lot of topics on safety throughout the course of this blog, however, we haven’t yet looked at prior injuries and how they might affect your [...]

Back for the Season

While many theme parks are used to closing for the frigid winter months, many are not used to shutting down for the extended period that they were in response [...]

Human Factors in FMEA 

It is a new year, and we have a fresh new outlook on safety. While our next topic may not be as exciting as Santa’s sleigh, it is equally important. We will [...]

Santa’s Sleigh

Ever wondered how Santa can deliver presents around the world in one night? Us too. More importantly, have you ever wondered how often Santa’s sleigh adheres to ASTM safety regulations? US TOO. From [...]

Walkthrough Attractions & Quest

When we think attraction safety, typically we think of thrill rides with physical twists and turns and the different restraint types needed to secure guests. While those are very important and we have covered [...]


Do you remember the cartoon program The Jetson’s© where everything in the show was placed in an unreachable future of robots, automation, and flying cars? [...]

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