Launching the Next Generation of Intelligent Dark Ride Systems

This partnership will focus on utilizing KUKA’s robotic & autonomous vehicle expertise and combining it with CAVU’s ride system engineering talent to create a new genre of attractions.

Self Driving Vehicle Platform

The Self Driving Vehicle (SDV) uses KUKA’s reliable industrial platform at its base and has been transformed into an entertainment application safe for passenger use. This vehicle can interact with other advanced technologies like AI, real-time gaming engines and projection mapping. By using a vehicle that has proven itself in the industrial marketplace, KUKA and CAVU are able to bring to market the entertainment application at a fraction of the cost of most existing autonomous vehicles.

The dynamic motion profile of the vehicle gives owners and operators the ability to create the best experience for their target demographic, from a more intense immersive ride to a fun family experience. The SDV uses the proven platform and can adapt in real-time to changing environments making it the perfect vehicle for immersive storytelling.

This vehicle is the first innovation to be showcased from the newly announced partnership between CAVU and KUKA. The two companies will lean on each other’s knowledge and expertise to create the next generation of dark ride systems.

The development and execution of the vehicle were supported by BEC’s in-depth programming knowledge.