CAVU Designwerks launches internship programme

27th July 2022 - Words:  Adam Whittaker CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, has begun its search for student candidates wishing to undertake the firm’s new Experience Engineering Internship. The company [...]

New Levels of Engagement

13th April, 2022 - interviews by Joe Kleiman Interactivity and gamification are ever more integral to visitor attractions. At the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney [...]


Motion Simulators

We know what you’re thinking... how could they possibly find more topics to discuss on safety!? Well, strap in because we haven’t even scratched the surface of the different safety considerations and mechanisms for amusement park attractions.  [...]

VR Safety Overview

When we think of safety in amusement park attractions, we typically think of roller coasters and intense thrill rides with large restraints and safety features, but rarely do we think about Virtual Reality (VR). [...]

Debunking Safety Myths

Now that we are all well-versed when it comes to restraints (and if you’re not, head to our last blog post Buckle Up), let’s move [...]

Buckle Up!

Strap in folks because we are about to take a wild ride into the different types and uses of restraints for amusement park attractions.  To the public, restraints may be the [...]


This post is dedicated to one of the most influential and important safety organizations in the world: the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). Specifically, we will focus [...]

Safety by the Numbers

For our first post, let’s start with a bird’s eye view of safety in the amusement industry. Has safety improved? What are we doing to make rides more safe? [...]

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