Welcome to Safety First, CAVU’s ongoing blog about safety within the amusement industry. Our goal is to help educate and inform park owners, operators, manufacturers and theme park fanatics on different standards and FAQ’s when it comes to safety. Organizations such as ASTM and AIMS are working hard to ensure the amusement industry remains a fun and safe place. We will analyze some of these safety standards and explain why there are so many different standards in place.

At our core, CAVU designs and engineers ride systems. Our focus is to imagine what’s possible and push the boundaries of product innovation. The most important components of any ride system are the safety features. CAVU is focused on delivering innovative attractions that revolve around the safety of the user. In our Safety First section, we are going to be taking a look at the current safety standards, statistics, and questions that many people have regarding amusement park attractions.

We hope you enjoy this section and if you have any topics or questions that you would like discussed, send us an email at info@cavudw.com.


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