Lionsgate Entertainment World (LEW), Asia’s first movie-themed vertical theme park, has opened during the first phase of Novotown, an integrated tourism and entertainment destination on the island of Hengqin in Zhuhai, China.


The 240,000 sq ft (22296 sq m) park, which opened on 31 July 19, was designed by Thinkwell Group, an experience design and production agency based in Los Angeles, and plays host to more than 25 attractions based on several of Lionsgate Films most famous IPs including The Hunger GamesTwilightDivergentGods of Egypt and Now You See Me.

由Thinkwell Group设计的240000平方英尺(22296平方米)的公园在7月31日19日开幕。体验设计和生产机构位于洛杉矶, 同时拥有超过25个根据狮门影业的最著名的电影IP建造的游乐设备;包括《饥饿游戏》、《暮光之城》、《分歧者》、《埃及诸神》,《惊天魔盗团》。

The park partnered with CAVU Designwerks, Dreamcraft Attractions, Framestore and ETF to create the groundbreaking technology behind the new attractions which include a virtual reality (VR) motorbike simulator, an indoor VR roller coaster and a state-of-the-art motion-based 3D cabin simulator experience.

该公园与CAVU Designwerks、Dreamcraft Attractions、Framestore和ETF合作,创造了颠覆性的新游乐景点技术;包括一个虚拟现实摩托车模拟器,一个室内虚拟现实过山车,和一个最先进的场地型3D座舱模拟器体验。


Key attractions include Gods of Egypt – Bettle of Eternity; an indoor VR rollercoaster that takes riders on an epic adventure through Ancient Egypt, Hunger Games – Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape; a state-of-the-art multiple motion-based cabin 3D simulator which takes guests on an action-packed adventure through Panem during the rebellion.

主要景点包括埃及之神-永恒之神; 一个室内虚拟现实过山车,带着乘客在史诗般的冒险中穿越古埃及,饥饿游戏-嘲笑鸟;  一个最先进的多场地型3D座舱模拟器,带领乘客在叛乱期间的Panem进行动作型的冒险

The Twilight Saga – Midnight Ride is one of the first multiplayer interactive VR motorbike experiences in the world, and takes riders on a moonlit race through the forest with Jacob and the Wolf Pack.


Other attractions include the Divergent Fear Simulator; a VR walk-through experience that tests guests courage and daring, The Escape Plan – Prison Break; a multiplayer interactive escape room where guests have to race against the clock to escape the most secure prison in the world and Now You See Me – Long’s Magic Shop, where guests can experience ‘mind-bending illusions’ performed by live magicians.

其他景点包括恐惧发散模拟器; 一个VR行走体验,考验乘客的勇气和胆量,暨《逃跑计划-越狱》; 在这个多人互动的越狱房间,乘客们必须争分夺秒地逃离世界上最安全的监狱。以及《惊天魔盗团——龙的魔法商店》,乘客们可以感受到由现场魔术师表演带来的“令人头晕目眩的幻觉”。

In addition to the next generation attractions, LEW will be home to an expansive offering of immersive dining and retail experiences, including the opulent Hunger Games-inspired Capital Club restaurant, Peeta’s Bakery and the Lionsgate Cafe. Guests will also be able to shop for memorable souvenirs and merchandise at Capitol Couture; a ‘one-stop shop for fabulousness’, Dauntless Ink; home of edgy tattoo designs and Long’s Magic Shop.

除了下一代的游乐设备,狮门游乐世界将是一个沉浸式餐饮和零售体验的大本营,包括以饥饿游戏为灵感创建的大都会俱乐部餐厅,Peeta的面包店和狮门咖啡馆。乘客还可在国会大厦购买专门定制的有意义的纪念品和商品,“一站式采购”,无畏的墨水; 前卫的纹身设计以及龙的魔术店。

Jenefer Brown, senior vice-president of Global Live & Location Based Entertainment at Lionsgate, said: “From escaping the Capitol, to braving the mental and physical challenges of Dauntless, to taking on a newborn vampire army with Jacob and the Wolf Pack, we can’t wait for fans to step into the worlds of their favourite films to create their own authentic adventures.”

狮门影业负责全球现场及外景娱乐的高级副总裁杰尼弗布朗 ( Jenefer Brown)表示:“从逃离国会大厦,到勇敢面对Dauntless的精神和身体挑战,再到与雅各布和狼群一起对抗新生的吸血鬼大军,我们都等不及粉丝们走进他们最喜欢的电影的世界,去创造自己的真实冒险。”

Selena Magill, general manager of LEW, said: “We are proud to bring this iconic attraction to life at Hengqin, Zhuhai. Lionsgate Entertainment World aims to become a multifaceted destination by engaging guests through storytelling and cutting edge technology. We expect guests in China and all around the world to enjoy sensational experiences here that they won’t soon forget.”

狮门娱乐世界的总经理赛琳娜马吉尔(Selena Magill)说:“我们很自豪能把这个标志性的景点带到珠海横琴。狮门娱乐世界的目标是通过讲故事和前沿技术吸引游客,成为一个多元化的娱乐目的地。我们希望中国和世界各地的客人都能在这里享受难忘的美妙体验。”

Article first appeared in Attractions Management.

文章首先出现在《Attractions Management》上。