Quest uses either linear experiences, where guests go through each module in sequence, or free-flow experiences, where guests are free to roam through the entire experience. A hybrid experience is also possible, where guests are pulsed in groups into the attraction, but once inside, guests are free to roam as they please.

For free-flow and hybrid experiences, the capacity is directly tied to the amount of space dedicated for guests. The capacity range for these types of experiences are highly variant and will be evaluated on a project-by-project basis.

For linear experiences, there are 2 approaches to achieve your target capacity:

For experiences that requires a THRC of 500 or less, a single-path experience is used where guests go together in groups of 4-10 people. Typically, groups are pulsed through every 45-90 sec.

For experiences that requires a THRC greater than 500, some modules are duplicated, creating alternative paths to accommodate multiple groups and achieve a quicker dispatch interval.