CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, Dreamcraft Attractions, the integrated ride specialist, Thinkwell Group Inc, the global experience design and production company, and Framestore, the visual effects specialist, have announced a new collaboration to work on two next-generation rides to showcase Lionsgate film properties.

媒体型游乐设备专家CAVU Designwerks、整合游乐设备专家Dreamcraft attractions、全球体验设计和制作公司Thinkwell Group Inc,以及视觉效果专家Framestore宣布了一项新的合作计划:将为狮门影业打造两款新一代的游乐设施。


The four companies, are proud to be working with Lionsgate on two new projects. This innovative partnership will lead to two exciting new attractions, based on fan favourites The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.



The unique rides are set to launch this year at Lionsgate Entertainment World in China. This much-awaited destination is a new concept, blending the theme park experience with some of Lionsgate’s most popular film franchises. The indoor immersive entertainment venue includes state-of-the-art VR, AR, and multimedia attractions, performances, dining, and exclusive retail experiences. The rides will be called The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape

这两个独特的游乐设备将于今年在中国的狮门娱乐世界推出。这个备受期待的景点是一个全新的概念:将主题公园的体验与狮门影业的一些最受欢迎的电影系列融合在一起。室内沉浸式娱乐场所包括最先进的VR, AR,以及多媒体景点,表演,餐饮,和独家零售体验。这些游乐设施将被命名为《暮光之城:午夜飞车》和《饥饿游戏:嘲笑鸟》

Action-packed rides


Fans can experience the world of The Twilight Saga in a hyper-reality VR ride, The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride. “Midnight Ride is a VR motorcycle simulator that features real motorcycles, avatar embodiment and proprietary Predictive Ride TrackingTM. Dreamcraft has created a world’s first virtual ride path with real-time virtual motorcycle physics matched with real-world motorcycles and motion bases,” says Terry Sanderson, VR Producer at DreamCraft Attractions.

粉丝可以体验世界超现实VR的《暮光之城》,《暮光之城:午夜飞车》。“午夜飞车是一个以真实摩托车为原型的虚拟现实模拟器, 摩托车全化身和自主预测骑乘跟踪TM。Dreamcraft创造了世界上第一个虚拟骑乘路径与实时虚拟摩托车实感相结合的真实世界的摩托车和动感平台,“ Dreamcraft VR景点的建造者特里·桑德森(Terry Sanderson)说。

Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation & Engineering at CAVU describes Midnight Ride as a “first-of-its-kind” attraction. “Guests can move throughout the Twilight world and interact with friends, family and familiar characters from a highly responsive motion base. Coupled with force feedback haptics, wind and scent, it is designed to fully engage all the senses. This ride makes for a truly ground-breaking experience.”

CAVU创新与工程副总裁马克•斯捷潘尼安 (Mark Stepanian) 将“午夜飞车”形容为一个“史无前例” 的景点。“乘客可在《暮光之城》世界中移动,并与朋友、家人和熟悉的角色进行互动。加上力反馈触觉,风和气味,充分融合所有的感觉。这是一次真正颠覆性的体验。”

Visitors can also enjoy the world of the successful Hunger Games franchise as they are taken on an exciting escape from the Capitol. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape is the first enclosed motion simulator in mainland China. The state of the art simulator is entirely electric and runs
silently. The 6DOF (degrees of freedom) motion base supports a 30-person cabin.  It features a digital presentation for a vivid and realistic experience.


A unique experience


The collaboration will provide the focused expertise that Lionsgate requires to provide an entirely new experience. CAVU and DreamCraft provide ride systems engineering talent, Framestore provides media expertise and Thinkwell adds creative and production leadership.


“CAVU and DreamCraft are excited to have collaborated with Lionsgate, Thinkwell and Framestore to introduce these revolutionary attractions to the industry at Lionsgate Entertainment World,” says Peter Schnabel, CEO of CAVU.

“CAVU和DreamCraft很高兴能与狮门影业、Thinkwell和Framestore合作,将这些革命性的游乐景点引入狮门娱乐世界,”CAVU首席执行官彼得•施纳贝尔(Peter Schnabel)表示。


CAVU recently announced it is continuing to expand in the Middle East, with a new office servicing Riyadh, Beirut and Abu Dhabi. Dreamcraft Attractions is a connected arm of CAVU launched in 2016.

CAVU最近宣布继续在中东地区扩张,在利雅得、贝鲁特和阿布扎比设立了新的办事处。Dreamcraft Attractions是CAVU在2016年创建的一个兄弟公司。


Thinkwell has just brought the latest expansion, Gringott’s Bank, to life at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Thinkwell刚刚在伦敦的华纳兄弟影城(Warner Bros. Studio Tour)推出了最新的项目——格林戈特银行(Gringott’s Bank)。


Framestore showcased a revolutionary new genre of rides, Game Changers, at IAAPA Expo last year.



Article first appeared on Blooloop.