August 2016 – A ride manufacturer, media producer, and audio-visual systems integrator are teaming up to promote an innovative, large-format, motion-based dome theater that can display immersive 360-degree, 3-D content. CAVU Designwerks, Falcon’s Treehouse, and Kraftwerk Living Technologies announced their strategic alliance from the trade show floor of AAE 2016.

CircuMotion, which the producers described as a “theater in the round within a virtual world,” has four degrees of freedom: pitch, roll, heave, and yaw. It can seat 134 guests per show and “delivers a broad range of synchronicity between motion and media content.”

“The motion-based platform is what really sets CircuMotion apart,” said Robert Salmeron, a marketing manager with Falcon’s Treehouse. “You’re sitting in a seat, and you’re experiencing things in all different directions. It may not be the same experience every single time you ride the attraction.”

CircuMotion will debut in Dubai this year at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Reprinted courtesy of © IAAPA Funworld August 2015

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