18 November 2016 – Cavu Designwerks (Booth #1386) is on a mission to make the world of virtual reality (VR) a friendlier place with DreamCraft Attractions—a partnership between the media-based attractions company and One Bit Labs, a development studio that specializes in gaming.

dreamcraft-iaapaRather than a passive ride experience, DreamCraft uses real-time, full-body motion capture based on a map of participants’ skeleton to make their bodies appear in and interact with the virtual world. The decisions they make as they interact with the experience can change the narrative. They will also be able to see and interact with the avatars of other players—allowing family and friends to participate in the same adventure together.

“When we looked at the VR experiences on the show floor last year, we noticed they were all solo experiences—as you put the goggles on you’re in a world all by yourself. We felt that defeated one of the main purposes of going to a theme park with your friends and family—you want to enjoy the experience together,” said Chris Robertson, co-founder of DreamCraft.

To increase throughput, DreamCraft attaches the electronic portion of the VR system to the ride vehicle itself. Participants don easy-to-sanitize head-mounted displays while still in the queue and fit the VR device into the headset only when they’ve boarded the ride vehicle, eliminating a typical bottleneck for this type of ride.

Article first appeared on ©IAAPA Attractions Expo Show Daily

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