A New Era of Motion Base Attractions

Tower Battle pits riders on opposing drop towers. Storylines can involve competition against another team or combining forces to attack a common threat. A vast transparent screen between the two towers, physical show sets or a combination of the two engage the riders to interact using different methods of interactivity. Adding 4DOF motion seats to the attraction gives additional movement, not traditionally used for a drop tower experience. Guests will have a unique experience every time they ride.

Adventure Machine is a trackless vehicle that carries riders through various scenes, the path of which is determined by the decisions and actions of the guests. For instance, clearing a path to the left will cause the vehicle to veer through the event building that direction. Completely customizable interactivity elements, AV, media, and layouts make this ride adaptable for almost any facility. The ride uses 4DOF motion seats on top of a trackless vehicle for the first time creating sensations typically only found in a track based dark ride. Taking a traditional simulator and adding an open space to direct your own movement, this attraction is pushing the barriers of the traditional dark ride.

This collaborative alliance with CAVU and Framestore has started to take rides to the next level by intertwining storytelling with interaction.

Article first appeared in Parkworld Magazine.

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