CAVU Designwerks at IAAPA Expo 2023

6th November 2023 - CAVU Designwerks shares plans for IAAPA Expo 2023 CAVU is platinum sponsor of IAAPA Celebrates, and is running an EDUsesssion and bookable meetings at the event CAVU Designwerks, the media-based [...]

CAVU Designwerks SDV 1500 & 600

24th July 2023 - CAVU reveals the next two vehicles in collaboration with KUKA New self-driving cars are more compact than their predecessor while retaining the integrative features of the onmiMove CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, has [...]

It’s Everywhere

20th October 2022 - The changing nature of media-based attractions edited by Judith Rubin and Joe Kleiman Media-based attractions have broken free of theater settings and can now be [...]

CAVU Designwerks launches internship programme

27th July 2022 - Words:  Adam Whittaker CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, has begun its search for student candidates wishing to undertake the firm’s new Experience Engineering Internship. The company [...]

New Levels of Engagement

13th April, 2022 - interviews by Joe Kleiman Interactivity and gamification are ever more integral to visitor attractions. At the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney [...]


We have covered a lot of topics on safety throughout the course of this blog, however, we haven’t yet looked at prior injuries and how they might affect your [...]

Back for the Season

While many theme parks are used to closing for the frigid winter months, many are not used to shutting down for the extended period that they were in response [...]

Human Factors in FMEA 

It is a new year, and we have a fresh new outlook on safety. While our next topic may not be as exciting as Santa’s sleigh, it is equally important. We will [...]

Santa’s Sleigh

Ever wondered how Santa can deliver presents around the world in one night? Us too. More importantly, have you ever wondered how often Santa’s sleigh adheres to ASTM safety regulations? US TOO. From [...]

Walkthrough Attractions & Quest

When we think attraction safety, typically we think of thrill rides with physical twists and turns and the different restraint types needed to secure guests. While those are very important and we have covered [...]


Do you remember the cartoon program The Jetson’s© where everything in the show was placed in an unreachable future of robots, automation, and flying cars? [...]

Motion Simulators

We know what you’re thinking... how could they possibly find more topics to discuss on safety!? Well, strap in because we haven’t even scratched the surface of the different safety considerations and mechanisms for amusement park attractions.  [...]

Escapism in Demand

13th August 2020 - Two of the most popular rides at Lionsgate Entertainment World are Midnight Ride and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape. Both provide an opportunity [...]

VR Safety Overview

When we think of safety in amusement park attractions, we typically think of roller coasters and intense thrill rides with large restraints and safety features, but rarely do we think about Virtual Reality (VR). [...]

Debunking Safety Myths

Now that we are all well-versed when it comes to restraints (and if you’re not, head to our last blog post Buckle Up), let’s move [...]

CAVU Designwerks: Self-Driving Vehicle

11th June 2020 - CAVU Designwerks rolls out the SDV: an intelligent, trackless ride vehicle ABOVE: CAVU Designwerks’ Self Driving Vehicle The future of attractions relies on the ideal [...]

Breaking the Mold

1st May 2020 - As we trailed the Lion Dancers christening the launch of the Novotown shopping center in Zhuhai, China, Lionsgate’s Jenefer Brown turns to me and exclaims, [...]

Buckle Up!

Strap in folks because we are about to take a wild ride into the different types and uses of restraints for amusement park attractions.  To the public, restraints may be the [...]


This post is dedicated to one of the most influential and important safety organizations in the world: the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). Specifically, we will focus [...]


  媒体游乐景点专家CAVU Designwerks任命Nathan Jones 担任公司的首席运营官 CAVU 公司隆重宣布,欢迎Nathan Jones加入公司团队,担任公司首席运营官。作为执行团队的高级成员,Jones将向CAVU的首席执行官Peter R. Schnabel述职。 Schnabel 先生非常自豪Jones能出任这个新的职位,他说:“ 我们很高兴Nathan成为CAVU团队的一员,他很欣赏我们公司对绩效文化的注重,而我们也相信他在执行力和创造力方面的卓越声誉可以确保整个公司更好的运营,他将带领公司步入新一阶段的发展。” 丰富的领导经验 Jones在游乐行业拥有丰富的阅历以及超过22年的领导经验。他擅长于提高公司的运营效率。加入CAVU前,Jones曾任白水公园的总裁,在担任水上乐园设计行业领导者的这一职位上,Jones负责公司的运营,财务和项目交付。 Jones还曾在Vekoma公司和Brogent Technologies公司任职。在CAVU这个新职位上,Jones将充分发挥其卓越的管理能力以推动公司的创新即而成为行业领先的佼佼者。 资深业界人士 Jones不仅拥有顶级游乐公司的丰富工作经验,他还是主题娱乐协会(TEA)国际委员会的董事会成员,并且近期莅任TEA执行委员会副主席一职。他拥有大不列颠哥伦比亚理工学院的科技管理学士学位以及康奈尔大学和皇后大学的MBA管理学位。 Jones说:“业内很少有公司象CAVU这样在短短的五年内创造出如此极具吸引力的价值。优秀的公司员工团队和对复杂项目熟练地实操能力为公司更好的发展奠定了坚实的基础,我很高兴能成为这支卓越团队的一员和大家一起成就更精彩的事业。” 最新的好消息,CAVU 新推出了业界首款智能无轨黑暗骑乘,并在奥兰多举行的IAAPA Expo 2019上展示了这款自动驾驶骑乘。期待CAVU未来有更多更好的项目呈现给世界游乐行业。  

Safety by the Numbers

For our first post, let’s start with a bird’s eye view of safety in the amusement industry. Has safety improved? What are we doing to make rides more safe? [...]

Welcome to Safety First!

Welcome to Safety First, CAVU’s ongoing blog about safety within the amusement industry. Our goal is to help educate and inform park owners, operators, manufacturers and theme park fanatics on different [...]

Guests to get their teeth stuck in

16th November 2019- CAVU Designwerks has partnered with DreamCraft Attractions, The Thinkwell Group and Framestore to develop an unprecedented attraction, The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride. Launched this year at [...]

Midnight Ride at IAAPA

12th November 2019- Entering the world of The Twilight Saga, Midnight Ride is a VR experience taking guests on a motorcycle thrill ride with Jacob and his Wolf Pack. [...]

Midnight Ride Profile

1st November 2019- Entering the world of The Twilight Saga, Midnight Ride is a VR experience taking guests on a motorcycle thrill ride with Jacob and his Wolf Pack. [...]


2019年8月1日-   Lionsgate Entertainment World (LEW), Asia’s first movie-themed vertical theme park, has opened during the first phase of Novotown, an integrated tourism and entertainment destination on the island of [...]


2019年7月24日,   好莱坞电影公司狮门影业将于今年夏天在珠海横琴与Lionsgate Entertainment World(狮门娱乐世界)共同打造亚洲首个成年人主题公园。狮门影业与Thinkwell Group and Village Roadshow Theme Parks合作,创建了令人惊叹的电影主题多层垂直公园。狮门娱乐世界与CAVU Designwerks、Dreamcraft Attractions、Framestore以及ETF合作,开发了这些新游乐设施背后的突破性技术。 The 240,000-square-foot indoor park will offer 25 different attractions including several of Lionsgate Films famous franchises: The Hunger [...]

A New Era of Motion Base Attractions

1st June 2019- Peter Schnabel, CEO CAVU Designwerks brings us up to speed Established in 2014, CAVU Designwerks provides attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company's original [...]

Game Changers Introduced as a New Genre of Rides

1st March 2019- CAVU Designwerks, Framestore partner taking indoor attractions to next level AT: Tim Baldwin VICTORIA, B.C., Canada — CAVU Designwerks, the Canadian-based provider of elaborately themed [...]

Park World Flying Theatre Issue

15th February 2019- The sky is the limit Flying Theatres have come a long way in recent years with improved content and new motion-based technologies working together to create [...]

Best New Amusement Park Attraction

15th January 2019 Best New Amusement Park Attraction Each summer, amusement parks across the United States introduce park goers to a new lineup of attractions, from extreme thrill rides [...]

Game Changers at IAAPA 2018

10th December, 2018 Take a look back at IAAPA 2018 and our debut of Game Changers our interactive attractions launched with Framestore. Your browser does not support the video [...]

Visibility Unlimited

10 January 2016 - CAVU Designwerks stands for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. The brains behind the company are Peter R. Schnabel and Daryl White, two experienced pros who presented [...]


16 November 2015 - Daryl White, President of CAVU Designwerks talks at IAAPA Expo Orlando, 2015. Click the link below to view the full video. Your browser does not support [...]

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